SacV derives from the Mayan word “sacbe” which means “white road” built by the Mayans to create a network of communication, trade, religious meaning, and to endorse the unity of cities. SACV looks to encourage people to walk, and get to know the beloved Yucatan.


The inspiration for the brand is discovered in nature, places, people and treasures found in the Yucatan Peninsula. The brand works with materials found in the area and the main aim is to celebrate the work of local people.

Each SacV leather sandal is unique; individually handcrafted by local artisans using traditional craftsmanship, whose expertise mastered over many generations enables a SacV sandal to achieve its highest quality. It can take many hours, even days to create one SacV piece.

The jipijapa hats are the result of carefully weaving and shaping flexible local fibers. This work must be done inside caves which provide a damp and humid atmosphere that allows the artisan to create the hat.

In SacV the artisan’s work will always share its soul,  granting life to each masterpiece.


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