ManoSanta is an authentic Mexican brand. Dedicated to the design and production of handcrafted accessories, which reveal in every detail  the love for the culture, tradition, and roots of the country.

ManoSanta doesn’t only make handmade accessories, they keep a tradition.

Made in Yucatan, the accessories stand out for having a soul of their own, a story to tell. The artisans dedicate their utmost care to creating personalized pieces, which is of intangible value for the brand.

Each ManoSanta piece is unique, made with care, possessing a classical charm for all the travelers and wanderers. ManoSanta was born in 2015, with the necessity to appreciate and promote the talent and quality of the artisan hands in Mexico. It believes in classic and timeless designs, long lasting products, which are passed on by generations and that with time become our allies in endless adventures.


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