A tribute to nature, passion for craftsmanship and artisanal production are all integral to the brand’s spirit. Inspired by strong women who wander from city life into unexpected places and paradises that evoke freedom. The inspiration, design, and handmade production, focuses on projecting life, history, culture and freedom, together with colors that reflect harmony and calm.

Mujer de Mar (Woman of the sea) - A modern woman who enjoys enchanting encounters with nature and magical spaces, is the main focus of the brand. Empowering, soulful women who celebrate life and freedom, expressing their ideals, beliefs and experiences among others, through their personal style and way of dressing. Combining silhouettes, colors, fibers and textures to communicate their appreciation to nature, a simple contemporary life and their journeys. Mujer de Mar has a traveler’s spirit, is in the constant pursuit of magic and is elegant and sophisticated in her being as reflected in her style.

The handmade production consists of a variety of Mexican artisanal techniques, using the vastwealth ofnaturalfibers, fabricsand textures offered by thishighly diverse region of the world. The accessories are adorned with luxury materials such as gold, precious stones and leather,to ensure we are creating unique and high-qualitypieces.We value local craftsmanship and honor


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