AND THEN THE GODS is a Colombian jewelry brand, whose main inspiration comes from nature- the fauna and flora. Lina Camacho, the designer, has studied the sacred geometry and mathematical calculations behind nature for years, which results in pieces with organic and clean design that connect with the human body in a very special way. The creation process consists in studying one aspect of nature through drawings, diagrams and thus carry them onto the designs of the jewelry itself. Each collection has a theme and intention.

Edge collection works with the hidden polygons found in nature such as in dragonfly wings and plays with the reflection of light. The Raven collection strives to express and capture melancholy and its shapes and forms are inspired by the raven and the moon. Venado collection studies the antlers and bone structure of moose and deer, endearing and majestic animals.

AND THEN THE GODS pieces are hefty and ponderous, strong and solid, using only pure materials extracted from the earth such as bronze and silver. AND THEN THE GODS works with 100% reusable and natural materials, there is no combining of toxic metals and there are no contaminating substances used in the workshop.

AND THEN THE GODS is a brand for empowered, interesting and strong women with unique sense of self and style. All of the pieces are characterized by their simplicity and timeless elegance.


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